Laboratory rules for Cytology practical

  1. Before coming to the laboratory prepare yourself by reading the relevant materials supplied by the class teacher. 
  2. Bags can be brought into the lab, but must be placed in secure place (e.g., under the bench or as instructed by your teacher). 
  3. Lab coats and shoes (that fully cover the feet) are absolutely required, you will be asked to leave if you are not wearing appropriate dress (lab coats and shoes). Wear gloves before working with any chemicals.   
  4. Hairs that are shoulder length or longer must be tied back. This is to prevent the possible contact with the open flames/ bunsen burners.  
  5. Eating, drinking & chewing gum in the lab are strictly prohibited.   
  6. Turn down bunsen/ spirit lamps when not using them. Do not blow on the flames. 
  7. Return all apparatus or reagents to the proper places as soon as you are finished with them, so that others may use them. Never mix up one chemical with another one. 
  8. Use all pieces of apparatus carefully and correctly, if you are in doubt as to proper operating procedure ask your teacher.  
  9. Carefully rinse broken glass-wears and put in the special container. Report any damage, breakdowns on malfunctions immediately.   
  10. Handle the microscope with care. Don’t touch the lenses with your fingers. Never adjust microscope wearing gloves. 
  11. Wash your used slides and cover-slips and keep securely. 
  12. At the end of the class clean your bench and all equipments. Switch off the microscope power; turn off spirit lamp/ bunsen burner etc. 

Students who do not behave appropriately will be asked to leave and will be given an unexcused absence which can severely impact final mark.                

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